ashburn youth basketball Ashburn VA top-rated Youth Basketball program. The FSBL runs a winter league and a summer league and games are played each week. We also offer travel teams geared towards AAU caliber players.

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Comments from the Commish
by posted 06/17/2020


Farmwell Station Basketball League Ashburn, VA


Comments from the



June 17, 2020


FSBL Families:

We are going through some very difficult times trying to deal with Covid-19. Our kids have had to learn to do school remotely online and they have to social distance from their friends. There will be a new normal as we try to adjust to the appropriate actions needed to stem the spread of Covid-19.


FSBL was the first sports league to shut down last March at the outbreak of Covid-19. The motto at FSBL has always been  "It's all about the Kids"  and that direction has not changed. We need to consider the well-being of our kids above all else. We cannot in good conscience resume our basketball league until they open the schools on a normal schedule and resume school sports programming.


We had to cancel our summer league program because of concerns about playing contact sports. This past week there was some discussion about the possibility of conducting our blacktop clinics.


We discussed the issue amongst the BOD, with PRCS and we sent a survey out to the FSBL community. We tried to determine if it was feasible to offer basketball skills and drills while following the County guidelines for Covid-19. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our survey. I especially took note of the comments you provided. We had to consider the need to wear masks and to social distance and the problems, this presents for any sport but especially basketball.


It is the decision of the FSBL BOD that we will NOT offer Mack's Blacktop basketball clinics this summer. We have to do what we think is best for our kids. Instead, we will concentrate our efforts on resuming the FSBL program in the fall, providing school sports programs resume as well.


I realize everyone wants to get out of the house but we need to do it in a responsible manner. Our lives are never going back to what they were before Covid-19 arrived on the scene until there is a working vaccine.


FSBL will do what we think is right and safe for our kids. Thank you for your patience as we all try to work through this situation.


Remember three things;  

          wear a mask, 

          wash your hands frequently and

          social distance


We are all in this together. 

Please stay safe and be smart.  


"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something"

"Strive to be twice as good today as you were yesterday but only half as good as you will be tomorrow"   


Ashburn's First and Loudoun County's Finest

Youth Basketball Program

Loudoun County's largest basketball program on a per capita middle school basis




Craig Newman

FSBL Commissioner


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Celebrating the FSBL Champions
by posted 03/08/2020

2019 - 2020
FSBL Champions


Girls 34 Division Champions

Girls 56 Division Champions

Girls 78 Division Champions

Boys 3 Division Champions

Boys 4 Division Champions

Boys 5 Division Champions

Boys 6 Division Champions

Boys 7 Division Champions


Boys 8 Division Champions

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