ashburn youth basketball Ashburn VA top-rated Youth Basketball program. The FSBL runs a winter league and a summer league and games are played each week. We also offer travel teams geared towards AAU caliber players.

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Mack's Blacktop Basketball Returns this Summer
by posted 06/24/2022

Mack's Blacktop Basketball

Farmwell Station Middle School

(*sessions held at Belmont Ridge MS on July 9 & July 16)

6 Sessions: Saturday, June 25 - August 6, 2022


In addition to the FSBL Summer League, the FSBL is back on the courts this summer with Mack's Blacktop Basketball.  This free, instructional program will run for 6 Saturdays starting on June 25th and ending on August 6th (*no session on July 2nd).  Though a majority of the teaching is done inside, we do get the players outside for some outdoor play each session.  Come on out and play! 


For those who don't know, Mack Butts was a Coach and Board Member with the FSBL for only a short time, but he was truly dedicated to helping the young basketball players in Ashburn be better players.  Mack passed away from cancer in March, 2015 and the FSBL has chosen to carry on this free summer program that Mack helped run for 2 summers!

Open to all players entering 3rd - 9th grades this fall.

Boys Session runs from 8:00 - 10:00am

Girls Session runs from 10:00am - 12:00pm

There is NO REGISTRATION for this program.  It's


Players play at their own risk!  Just show up ready to work on basketball skills.  All players should bring a basketball & a water bottle - with their name on it - each week.  Parents need to make sure that they return to the gym to pick up your child just prior to the end of each session.  Please contact Commissioner Craig Newman ( for additional information.  See you on the courts!

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Loudoun County's Finest Youth Basketball League
by posted 06/22/2022

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FSBL Summer League Practice Schedule
by posted 06/21/2022

FSBL Summer League Weeknight Practice Schedule

Click here for Practice schedule for all 8 weeks of the Summer League.  There are tabs at the bottom of the page for each week of the season.  Teams do not always practice at the same school or at the same time each week.

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Michael Jordan on Playing Basketball
by posted 06/21/2022

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Do Not Use the AVSP for FSBL team practices!
by posted 06/19/2022

Ashburn Village Sports Pavillion does not allow teams to conduct practices in their gym.  FSBL teams should not conduct any team practices at the AVSP.  Violations will result in the loss of your FSBL scheduled practice time.
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FSBL Summer League COVID-19 Guidelines
by posted 06/18/2022

The FSBL - in conjunction with Loudoun County - will use these policies for the 2022 Summer League. 

Please read the guidelines before attending any FSBL activity.

FSBL COVID-19 Policy

*Revised July 1, 2022


The wearing of masks at FSBL events is optional.

It is strongly recommended that anyone (players, parents and spectators of any age) who are not fully vaccinated should wear a mask and social distance until they are fully vaccinated.

If you are not fully vaccinated and you travel out of state it is strongly recommended that you self-quarantine for five (5) days upon your return.

If you are not fully vaccinated and you come in contact with anyone who has Covid-19 or is suffering from symptoms of Covid-19 or you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is strongly recommended that you self-quarantine for five (5) days.

(symptoms to include but are not limited to:  fever, muscle aches, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, gastrointestinal symptoms, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, running nose, loss of smell or taste, stuffy nose or any respiratory illness)

If you contract Covid-19 you must immediately inform the FSBL league and self-quarantine for five (5) days from the date of discovery.  Those in your immediate household should self-quarantine and refrain from participation in FSBL activities for five (5) days, from the date of first discovery, as well.  Teams of the affected player(s) should be notified so they can take their own personal precautions. 

If you contract Covid-19 and fail to notify the FSBL league you will be expelled from the league for an indefinite period of time.

People should not drink from the water fountains. Water fountains can be used to refill your water bottle.

Parents and/or spectators are NOT allowed to attend practices.

Parents and Spectators who are not fully vaccinated should practice social distancing while in the gyms.

Everyone should enter the gym via the front doors and exit the gyms via back and side doors.

Parents and/or spectators of any age who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to attend games with or without a mask. If you are NOT fully vaccinated it is strongly recommended that you wear a mask and social distance if you plan to attend an FSBL game There is no limit to the number of parents and/or spectators that can attend a game.

Teams should leave the gym immediately after a practice or game. Teams may participate in post-game celebration to include but are not limited to: High Fives, shaking hands, etc.

Anyone may choose to wear a mask at any time for any reason while participating in FSBL. No action will be taken or verbal comments made to anyone who chooses to wear a mask or not wear a mask when appropriate.

The Bleachers will be available for use during the summer league.

No participant forms are required to attend practices or games.

No Covid Team Manager is required for practices or games.

If you have any questions or require clarification of this policy please contact the FSBL Commissioner or any member of the FSBL BOD.


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FSBL 2022 Summer League
by posted 06/18/2022

Ashburn, VA youth basketball league

June 21 - August 11, 2022

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What the Well-Dressed FSBL Player Wears!
by posted 06/17/2022

FSBL Uniformity!

All players must be appropriately dressed to play in each game.  Each player must wear the league issued jersey.  One of the uniform requirements is that each player wear solid black shorts with NO horizontal or vertical stripes, NO words or markings unless the entire team wears the exact same design shorts.  We're seriously talking solid black!  A small, thumbnail-sized, branding logo such as a Nike “swoosh” is permissible.   A team may choose to wear team-logo shorts or other design shorts that match the Jersey as long as everyone on the team wears the same style, design and color shorts.

Players who show up to play without solid black
shorts will not be permitted to play in the game (unless their team has decided to go with an entirely different color of shorts)!  Before leaving home to come to the gym, make sure that your son or daughter is properly dressed.  One of our FSBL sponsors, Cheers Sports, carries all-black shorts.

FSBL has received some questions regarding the wearing of shorts with pockets. FSBL players must wear plain solid black shorts with no other colors or designs. The preference is that these shorts have no pockets. Players who wear shorts with pockets are required to keep the pockets empty while participating in games. If items are discovered in the pockets during the game, the player will be removed for the remainder of the game. Repeated violations will lead to further discipline.

All Coaches must wear the league Coaches Polo or a NBA or WNBA Branded shirt of the team they coach.

Players on a team may wear undershirts.  The undershirt should match a color in the jersey or must be white tee shirts.  All players wearing undershirts on a team must wear the same color undershirt.  Players are not required to wear an undershirt under the jersey.  No jewelry, wrist bracelets, watches, necklaces or earrings may be worn by players at all during the game.  Finally, if a player wears eyeglasses - they must wear "rec specs" or a similar product - to play in games.  Regular metal framed glasses are no longer permitted in games.

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Thank You Pat Clarke!
by posted 06/02/2022

Pat Clarke has been with the FSBL for 27 years and her contributions toward FSBL's success is so much appreciated.  She helped run the league during the early days of the FSBL.  Pat coached in the league, officiated games in the league, and most recently oversaw the practices and games as a PRCS Facility Attendent in FSMS.
Pat will soon retire as a Physical Education Teacher at Farmwell Station Middle School and move out to Arizona to be closer to her grandchildren.  We want to wish Pat the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do.  We will never forget all that we accomplished together and all that Pat did to make the league and our lives a little bit more enjoyable. 
If we can't get into Farmwell Station Middle School on a Saturday morning, we're still calling you, Pat!
The FSBL Board of Directors
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Give Basketball A Shot
by posted 05/19/2022

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Congratulations to the 2021 - 2022 FSBL Champions
by posted 03/06/2022

2021 - 2022
FSBL Champions

Girls 34 Mystics 2022 Champions
Girls 34 Division Champions

Girls 56 Dream Champs

Girls 56 Division Champions

Girls 78 Dream 2022 Champions

Girls 78 Division Champions

Boys 3 Rockets 2022 Champions

Boys 3 Division Champions

Boys 4 Heat 2022 Champions

Boys 4 Division Champions

Bulls 5 2022 Champions

Boys 5 Division Champions

Boys 6 Bucks 2022 Champions

Boys 6 Division Champions

Boys 7 Mavs 2022 Champions

Boys 7 Division Champions

Boys 8 Bucks 2022 Champions

Boys 8 Division Champions

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Congratulations to the FSBL High School Boys Division Champions
by posted 02/20/2022

Boys 9th & 10th Grade Champions: Bucks

Boys 11th & 12th Grade Champions:  Clippers
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